Moongrunt Colour Test

Work continues on Moongrunt conversions and planning, but whilst glue and putty dries I’ve been trying some colour test on various half finished minis I have knocking about.

I know, very exciting. When I trial painted some of the Chinese Moongrunt minis recently I realised that some of the detail is so fine that my usual painting methods would give less than stellar (geddit?!) results. Seems to me the best approach here will be light base colour, even lighter highlight then a complimentary colour wash to tie it together. That’s tricky when I want eye-popping 70’s sci-fi corporate colours too. Vallejo transparents seem to hold the key, though I’ve still not quite got the technique right – it needs some VERY bright base colours to really work. Back to it.

3 thoughts on “Moongrunt Colour Test

  1. What is that floating droid in the green test colour. I’d like to see another photo from a different angle, but I think I would like a few myself!


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