Moongrunt: Federation of Free Trade Orbitals Rapid Response Squadron


Finally got these guys pretty much finished – I may go back and re-gloss the visors, and the base edges aren’t as tidy as they should be.

I’m trying out a new lighting set up too – not perfect, but definitely an improvement.

I don’t love the colour scheme, but I’m really pleased with the models themselves – a quick and easy conversion using the US backpacks from the GZG Moongrunt line and the UNSC light infantry. Jon over at GZG kindly sold me a whole pile of the packs, so I’m working on another group of these that I can try a different scheme on.


(Sorry, this is out of focus)

I recently got the Deathwatch: Overkill minis from Games Workshop, and am deep into some Inq28 conversions at the moment so expect to see a bit of that soon.

4 thoughts on “Moongrunt: Federation of Free Trade Orbitals Rapid Response Squadron

  1. These look really good. I like the conversions. When I get around to ordering some, I will have to ask for extra backpacks too. One question, I see an unconverted Moongrunt mini in the foreground, but us that an armed surveyor background right? I am not sure if the colour scheme is making it look different and it is still a UNSC trooper. To me this demonstrates how a choice of colour scheme can vary a models appearance dramatically.

    If you are thinking of some buildings, may I suggest Ion Age? While not all of it is to my taste, some bits just scream this genre! I am just painting some of the basic pods (in orange, naturally) now.


  2. Hello, cheers. In which picture sorry? There are some Surveyors in my other, WIP post.

    I’ve been looking at the Ion Age geodesic domes, I think they’d fit really well. I have a whole set of the GZG prefab buildings, so need to do those first.


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