Inq 28: Underhivers Delvers

Sorry all, not a huge amount to update you with recently – I’ve been playing around with the Genestealer cultists from GW’s latest Deathwatch:Overkill box – I LOVE converting plastics, but I’m very, very slow at it, so don’t have a huge amount to show off.

Here’s some of my latest WIP’s though. Be warned – I work very ‘sketchily’, so expect to see mould lines right until the very end:

One of those guys (bet you can’t guess which!) is a Nurgle cultist, but the others are from a theme I’m exploring that mixes gangers (or possibly space-based rogues), treasure hunters and salvagers. I love the idea of searching for treasure-tech, but I didn’t want to do an Ad-Mech oriented group, so these guys are 40k blue collar.
I’ll be keeping most of my Inq28 into less regular, condensed posts, or you can follow my Ammobunker thread here for more regular ramblings:

8 thoughts on “Inq 28: Underhivers Delvers

  1. I saw these over on the ammobunker a little while ago, looks like I forgot to comment! These are looking so good and I love the swollen head guy. I’ll be watching with keen interest 🙂

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      1. Ah thanks – I’ve been saying over on my Ammonbunker thread that I just don’t *love* him, and can’t work out why. I’m going to build him a new arm holding a longer shaman staff – I can remove the current one cleanly, so it’ll go back on if necessary.

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  2. Very cool – inspired use of bits, and I’m certainly looking forward to exploring the possibilities with the new Cult minis myself! Lumpy head is my favourite, but they are all top draw tbh


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