INQ28: AdMech Away Team

Time is pretty tight at the moment and I’m also trying to clear a few non-related bits off my painting queue, so not a huge amount to update.

At the moment this Ad-Mech away team are distracting me from the further along Delvers, though rebuilding the ‘missing’ parts of the Skitarii legs that I’ve spliced into the Genestealer cultist legs is taking a loooong time (mainly because I’m clumsy so work in small sessions when sculpting, otherwise I’ll mash a newly sculpted part mistakenly).

The legs are about halfway there now I reckon, maybe a bit more. I’ll tidy the waist connections by sculpting belts and adding lots of pockets, equipment and assorted AdMech bits.

The biggest new step is the visors/dome helmets. These are at ‘phase-1’, so once that’s dry I’ll improve the shape and add detailing. I always imagine the tech in 40k to be so overdone and ‘gribbly’ to be almost impractical, so there’ll be tubing and pipes running into the helmets. Once again, hats off to Weirdingway for his work – I’m not trying to copy him but I’m clearly heavily influenced!


One thing I am pleased with (which you can’t see without a group shot) is the mix of proportions. Coupled with the domes it lends them an air of mystery, and a not-quite-human touch which I think suits the AdMech. You can’t be sure how modified or altered they are under their suits. The third one down in particular has odd proportions, and is a head taller than the rest, but I like him.

I want to try and alter the one without Skitarii legs into a slightly more feminine shape I think to mix the group up a bit. I’ll be adding a larger model to the group (a robot or space-servitor) plus a smaller one (some sort of drone) for balance.

More to come soon hopefully, plus a few other things I’ve been working on.

6 thoughts on “INQ28: AdMech Away Team

  1. These are quite brilliant! Love the astronaut look, very nicely done – I’m certainly ooking forward to watching this project take shape


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