Still Living: Plenty Going On

Hi All,

Sorry it’s been quiet round these parts – usual hobby curse of busy living, plus some lovely weather and jumping around between project – so plenty of producing, very little produced.

I have, however, been thoroughly excited by the new Horizon Wars rules from Osprey. They cover a ‘scale’ of conflict I’ve wanted to game for ages (reinforced platoon in 6mm), so *hopefully* you’ll see a finished (that’s right!) 20P  hover tank force (the points value in Horizon Wars is Presence, or P). 

A few other things I’ve been working on:

An extensively converted Ungor warband for my Chaos Wastes project that will also double up as a Frostgrave force. 

More 15mm Sci Fi – I’m hankering to do some stuff with HO cars as burnt out wrecks, so my current 15mm tinkering has a near future/hard sci-fi/post-apocalypse vibe. 

More Inq28 stuff, though that’s progressing very slowly. 

Hopefully I can show off the tanks tonight. 


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