More 15’s

Alright gang,

What a week eh? Tell you what, it’s put me right off painting near future stuff… feels all too imminent.

Painting time is very tight at the moment, not to mention motivation, so whilst I advance glacially with the glo-green NSL I took the chance to tidy up the base edges and matte varnish some languishing minis.




First up is a group of rebels/mercernaries/space bandits, mostly from GZG’s relatively new Mercs range. These were a bit of an experiment with Army Painter dip. I used black undercoat (as I almost always do, to leave blacklining between colours) then did a light basecoat, one highlight then dip over the whole lot. Fairly good I reckon, though not that much quicker and only works with warm, brownish tones. Likely won’t repeat.

I started these all the way back when Star Wars came out, and I think it influenced some of my colour choices here! Just clocked that I haven’t black dotted the gun barrels.



Then a small squad of DPRG – Small because painting yellow over black is the worst! Love these guys though.



One of my many magnetic tins, packed! Not everything finished though – I’m awful for swerving those last finishing touches.



Next is some individually based 6mm power armour from Onslaught (via the excellent Vanguard Miniatures). I have an idea for power armour skirmish involving lethal firepower but moveable ‘firewalls’ to represent electronic warfare and I *might* do it in 6mm.


Finally here’s some greenstuff work on the beginnings of my Crusty caravan. This one will have plenty of baggage beasts, civilians and maybe even something like this:



See you soon.

2 thoughts on “More 15’s

  1. (via leadadventure)

    Always good to see nicely painted 15mm stuff. Your style is very earthy and naturalistic, definitely a few steps from my tendency to aggressively highlight everything to emphasize tiny details. The dip worked great in this regard, giving your yellow/brown and green/grey soldiers quite a realistic scale appearance!

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    1. Cheers – your stuff’s ace though. I’ve been thinking recently that I need to go up higher with my highlights inspires by a few painters including yourself. My next post (later this week hopefully) will have some GZG NSL that’s I’ve painted with a whole extra highlight than normal and I think it’s better.
      The yellow and brown blokes weren’t dipped btw, just my normal layering.


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