5 Parsecs from Home: Side Project


Still ticking along finishing up a few bits before my imminent house move, but I’ve been looking at the upcoming Rogue Star ruleset from Osprey which got me thinking about 5 Parsecs from Home again, a ruleset I love.

So, once my painting table is set up I’m going to start a side project – rolling up characters from the 5 Parsecs tables, trying as best I can to plan out come up with a background for them based on the natural results, then paint up a mini. One by one – I’m hoping to end up with a project similar to the excellent Axiom’s but in 15mm.


The world they’ll be set in will be Star Wars, stripped of all it’s canonical details. So fringe worlds in a galaxy ruled by a large , homogenous galactic empire. The main setting is a desert world once the site of a fairly unimportant war (a mere skirmish to the vast galaxtic empire) called Barkx.


Here’s the first character I rolled up:

  • Isolationist Origin
  • Discovery Motivation
  • Troubleshooter Class
  • Sanctioned Alien (Warrior Code/Brutal/No Concept of Property)

(In my setting I’m reinterpreting ‘Sanctioned Aline’ to mean a more accepted species, as opposed to a species disliked/mistrusted/feared by the general populace)

To me, this conjures up:


Varaxis Ek’Kel

Varaxis is a member of the Temple of Salth, a 300 strong mixed species cult holed up in the mountains of Barkx. The Temple of Salth practice a marshall tradition of improvised weapons, rejecting the ownership and particular use of specific weapons.

The Temple of Salth’s high warrior council have long wished for a much more isolated location for their temple, and have sent out a number of high ranking members to search for a location. This is at odds with the temple’s usual code, as they do not mix with others and have nothing to leverage any type of deal with. I  their naivety they do not realise that it may be difficult for their agents to raise enough money to buy a small moon easily, or legally. The Temple is the most important thing, and laws outside the temple’s commandments are not something to be concerned about.

Varaxis is a Kalon, a large bipedal species covered in brightly coloured fur.

I have mini in mind for Varaxis, but it may be a few weeks until I get to work on him.

13 thoughts on “5 Parsecs from Home: Side Project

  1. Me too!
    I’m currently peopling and terraining (if there’s such a word) a 5 Parsecs campaign so it would be interesting to compare notes.


      1. My blog is http://tenmilwargames.blogspot.co.uk/ though I haven’t put anything particularly 5 Parsecs-related on it as yet.
        There are some postings about sci fi buildings I made in 2012 but I sold them all along with all my 15mm figs – doh!
        5 Parsecs has rekindled my enthusiasm so I’m rather starting from scratch. I’ll try to stick up some photos of where I’ve got to so far by the end of the week.


  2. Yup, I’ve spent well over £10 though, so have enough for several gangs and officials, civilains, military, the law, culltists, assassins, bounty hunters, droids and yet another lead mountain for swaps! :/


  3. Although I have bought the Rogue Stars rule set I have to say that all it has done is make me think how much I used to enjoy playing Five Parsecs and that I should recify that situation. So I too will be looking again at a campagne in the future.


      1. I’m with you both about Rogue Stars. I haven’t gor Void Pirates yet and can’t find any reviews on it. What’s your thoughts?


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