Moongrunt and Space Huts

Evening all,

Still haven’t done a huge amount of painting (some base edges for my finished most recent 6mm – images to come once I dig the lightbox out) but I have had some ideas.

Firstly, a sci-fi village, ostensibly for my 15mm Crusties (though I have got an order from Black Hat coming in of their Imperial Martians, so the village might get some new squatters.


Here’s the first (almost) finished hut. Not massive, but a modest take on an alien mud-hut. I played a bit of Starwars Battlefront recently, and I liked seeing Ewoks and Jawas running into their house during the battle, so this scenery will also work for a small village caught in the crossfire of a larger battle.

I’ve made a few more shaped from DAS clay which are drying, and I’ll finish texturing this one this week. The 3 at the front left will be conjoined much like the above.


Next, 6mm Moongrunt… maybe.

My Moongrunt project has stalled a bit, but a thread over on LAF made me think about 6mm Horizon Wars, likely as a fairly small project using Fivecore Company Commander Rules (or maybe Horizon Wars).


These are just a little proof of concept – 90 (well, I’ve done 45 but you get the drift) backpacks sculpted onto these wee blokes from Brigade:

Hopefully it’ll be enough to make them look like convincing vaccsuits. I’m not detailing them, just adding a shape – they look a but more uniform in real life than in the above image (they’re only 6mm afterall!) If the idea sticks I might use it as an excuse to also paint up a moonscape using Kallistra’s hexon tiles and some of the 6mm research buildings from Brigade. We’ll see.

I’ll crack the lightbox out soon to show off my finished Horizon Wars force from this post, and some Five Parsecs characters.

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