6mm Test Paint

Here’s a quick test paint of one of my 6mm Moongrunt conversions – only cracked out the number 1 brush, so if I do more I’ll use a 00 and use Vallejo Silver Grey, then save true white for the highlight. Still, as a proof of concept I think it works OK.

I’m struggling to find other 6mm vaccsuits, so I’ll likely have to do 2 factions using the same infantry. I likes ’em though, and doing this test paint has encouraged me to reconsider individually based 6mm.


10 thoughts on “6mm Test Paint

  1. I might have a few you can use from when the range were UK based. I don’t know, and I am away for a while, but I will have a look and get back to you. If I find some you can have them for free. If I have some Feds, I think they would work well for you.

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