Painted Horizon Wars and 15mm Corporate Squad

Hi All,

Finally dug the lightbox out and took some pics of the finished Horizon Wars force. Still need to add some markings to denote CHQ etc but they’re basically finished for now.


Not my best images ever – had to rush slightly – but they show the force off OK. Couldn’t squeeze an image of the whole gang in, so here they are in their box:


So we have 3 Heavy Infantry (1 is CHQ), 2 Recon (drones) 3 P1 Mechs and 3 Armoured Artillery. I’ve been collecting 20 Force Points forces for Horizon Wars, but cocked up a bit on these so they’re only 18FP. Still more than I’ll often need I reckon.

By no means are these my best work – still getting the swing of 6mm – the weathering is crap and lacks subtlety, but at least it’s another force ready for the table.

Whilst the light was out I thought I’d snap these guys whose base edges I’ve finally finished:


They were part of my ‘experimenting with dip’ phase – so basecoat and highlight then dipped and the result on these is a bit better than the GZG mercs that I’ve shown before IMO.

They’re some sort of corporate squad, so I gave them a non military colour for their caps. This pack also contains one of my favourite minis that GZG have ever produced:


I love his posing and the ‘weight’ of his gun. Ace.

I have just notice I forgot to black dot the ends of their barrels, so that’s a job for tonight.

Few more things on the table at the moment – still got 5 Parsecs characters ticking along (one I’m looking forward to finishing and showing off very soon!) plus some more 6mm stuff. I also took delivery of some minis I had painted by Mickey’s Minis – I’ve got a fortnight to myself in November and want to get some games in, so I decided to commission a small force that I wouldn’t otherwise have finished painting but would like on the table. I just need to base them tonight. It’s also been nice to see some excellent 15s in the flesh – I can see where I can improve my painting from looking at them (starker highlights, almost up to white) which is something I’ll be bearing in mind.

Anyway, see youse soon.

5 thoughts on “Painted Horizon Wars and 15mm Corporate Squad

  1. These are looking great! Love the security detail and I’m very keen to see the five parsecs figures, I just picked up the Starport Scum rulesets which I think is from the same author. Quick question, what lightbox do you use, since mine is pretty poor!

    Hope you’re able to get more post up soon.


    1. Cheers matey – I’m going to try and post what I’ve been up to recently over the weekend – got a fair whack to show off. I use quite a large light stand with a duller… not a perfect set up but it was a spare from a photographer – beggars can’t be choosers and all that. Star port Scum any good? I did download it but haven’t had a chance to test it yet.


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