The Finished Desert Board

Hi All,

As we’re descending into apocalyptic frozen weather here it felt a good time to finally finish my desert board – here’s a couple of slightly rushed and ‘posed’ pics (marginally less boring than just an image of the board!).


I brushed on a full coat of W&N Galeria matte varnish too, which as well as protecting also helped to ‘flatten’ some of the harsher contrast which works well for terrain.


All in all I’m pleased, and it fits well on the wall brackets I’ve set up for it to keep it out the way and tidy.

7 thoughts on “The Finished Desert Board

    1. Cheers matey. It’s 3×2… all I’ve got the space for really. It’s a railway baseboard so has a ‘back’ too that I’m going to do in a different topography. Maybe ‘grey’ (urban or moonscape – scenario dependant)


  1. I’m doing a double sided board myself, so much more useful! I like how yours has turned out. I constructed mine out of batons and MDF. It’s heavier than I intended, although it is about one metre square.


  2. I thought the railway board construction might be different. If I was to do it again I would make a frame indented into/around a piece of blue foam. It would b lighter, but we live and learn!


  3. ‘Ullo. Cheers! They’re Scotia Grendel’s *tiny* 28mm buildings. They’re a touch big for 15mm but I like a touch oversized buildings so that the figure bases don’t ‘distort’ the scale.

    No, I should post up on TWW more actually. I’ll try and pop a few bits up this week.


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