15mm Pulp Sci-fi Preview

Hullo All,

Well, I certainly haven’t posted as much this year as I’d hoped to but I have been fairly productive. Unfortunately it’s still lots of WIPs at the mo, but here’s a preview of a pulp sci-fi group I’ve put together in 15mm



(‘Scuse the harsh photos- makes the highlights look very harsh and I prefer gloss washes, which don’t photograph well until I dullcote them)

The idea of this group is this guy (a sergeant/leader) plus 4 other GZG ESU but from the packs without capes, which gives the leader quite a good, pulpy feel. Then there’s the NSL commander from this pack with his helmet in hand:


plus a single Ikwen from here: http://www.alternative-armies.com/collections/loud-ninja-games-15mm/products/rap016p-ikwen-militia-platoon-save-5.

Should be finished in a day or two, and they’ll scratch the Rogue Trader itch.

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