More Alien Huts


I’ve really not been motivated to paint the past few evenings, but in an effort to stay productive I’ve been back at the alien huts. I while ago I started some 6mm ones, which i don’t think I’ve shown here:


Sorry – kitchen light/’orrid daylight not’s the best for these images. These have the bases painted and the huts basecoated now. They’ll end up a fair bit lighter by the end to ‘lift them’ out of the basing, I just need to make a ‘small but rough’ sponge tool to dapple them then tidy up all the detailing.


I was tempted to make them a very different colour (like turquoise clay) to really make them alien, but I might save that for a future batch.

I’m also back at the 15mm versions that I first talked about here. I’ve given up on the pictured hut in that post – I tried to add an extra layer of Miliput then texture it, but i just ballsed it up so that one is chalked up to a learning exercise. After a bit of experimenting on some spare plasticard I’ve decided that sponge dabbled Polyfil will be providing the texture on these, which is why these are much smoother than the last attempt.


There’s some more weird and wonderful shaped one’s to come (similar to the original one from the earlier post), including a ‘3 peak’ one.

I was pretty motivated when I discovered the excellent Angel Barracks thread here to pick this project back up, because I want these to double as primitive desert huts too. I’m even wondering if *I*could cast these up now… no…. must resist!

Anyone 15mm minded should keep an eye on Crom’s Anvil for when those huts are released.

I’m hoping that mine will serve triple duty:

  • Sci Fi Tatooine-esque tribal huts.
  • Desert Fantasy huts.
  • a Future project setting: Alien Fantasy (so sci-fi without any technology). Which is basically both of the above mixed. So I ‘spose actually that’s the same thing with different minis arranged around them.

Anyway, as ever, sorry for having *another* WIP thread – I hope to get back to my painting desk tonight and finish the pulp sci-fi group I started last week.

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