Desert Tribes of Far Harad


Round one of the Lead Adventure Forum’s lead painting league has finished, which means I can show my wee 15mm Haradians here. These are intended for another slow burn project – a sort of desert low fantasy world, partly Lord of the Rings’ Harad (I have the two relevant MERP books on PDF) and part Conan.


I intended this group as mooks – just general baddies and tribal raiders. They’re actually Picts from the really excellent Forged in Battle range and have also had my new basing method tried out – texture paste, paint then ‘glaze’ with a mix of vallejo Polyurethane gloss varnish and a shading tone. Works pretty well I reckon.

Worth a shout out to Michael of Angel Barracks fame here too – he’s treading some similar ground at the mo, but being far more productive and launching a whole terrain line! Check out Crom’s Anvil and buy something!

Right, back to the painting table!

7 thoughts on “Desert Tribes of Far Harad

  1. Thanks – the Forged in Battle 15’s are some of my favourites to paint. They’re dainty and the detail is really good for getting a brush on – maybe a bit low in ‘character’ detail, but that’s fine for assorted baddies.


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