Cyber Punks!


Fresh from their absolute trouncing in the LPL, here’s my first group painted for the Beat ’em Up project – a shifty group of colour punks. Cyber punks!

Not the most inspirational minis (though I do like the ones from Neutron York 3000) and I’m not sure everything I tried worked (particularly the metallic clothes), but I’m pleased to have finished a group fairly quickly. my dying can of Testor’s hasn’t done it’s usual business on these either, the still seem a bit satin.

I’m moving house again in August, so won’t start any of the terrain for this project until then – I do have another set of beat-em-up minis in my LPL queue though.


11 thoughts on “Cyber Punks!

  1. They’re great! The silver jacket worked very well for what I can see. Great idea overall, I was toying with a sort of beat ’em up game system too some time ago, and I’m really curious to see how your project turns out.


    1. Thanks Carlo – for me this has just been a project that’ll let me paint weird and wonderful things for my character’s to encounter in the city. I’m starting with fairly sensible stuff (street punks then municipal workers) but I hope to get more weird stuff in there later.


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