Headswaps and Handsaws

I bought a razor saw…


Which I admit isn’t that interesting, but I haven’t had one for a while – having mislaid it when I moved last – so I set about copping up some 15’s (of which I’ve got millions spare) to create some more characters and space adventurers.

This guy has a GZG colonial guard head, and an arm from a plastic soldier company sprue. I might swap the hand for a different one, not sure. The body is from the book wielding chap in this pack: https://shop.groundzerogames.co.uk/15mm-stargrunt/infantry/brethen-of-the-new-light/sg15-br05.html


It’s a subtle conversion but I’m happy with it – simple, pistol wielding 15mm minis aren’t as easy to come across as I’d like. He needs a wee alien sidekick now I reckon…

2 thoughts on “Headswaps and Handsaws

    1. Cheers – it’s funny, I’m excited to see minis like that in GZG’s range, add variety. Still, chuffed with the conversion – he’s destined to become Space Adventurer T’in T’in…


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