Desert Terrain Again


Hi all,

Along with my latest LPL entires I’ve been finishing of repaints of the Battlefield in a Box Badlands terrain this week, so that it matches my desert board. I orginally bought them thinking they’d work OK anyway, but I wasn’t happy. Now they’re painted in exactly the same finish as the desert board I’m chuffed – I’ve got a nice little play area. Hope to christen it this weekend trying out the Solo rules for Pulp Alley – stoked!

I don’t think I’ve ever posted about my buildings


They’re supposed 28mm buildings from Scotia Grendel. They’re definitely not 28mm – they’d probably fit 20mm but I like terrain that scales with 15-18mm and takes into account basing (so that they don’t tower over it when based) and the door are a perfect height on these.


I love them, and definitely want to add more to my collection. I might try these next, which look to be pretty small too:


If anyone else out there has stuff from this range – are the ‘accessories’ (consoles, separate doors etc.) tiny too? I know the barrels are scaled more normally for 28mm, so it’s hard to know what to punt on.

3 thoughts on “Desert Terrain Again

  1. I was tempted by these myself. Quite pulpy. In the end I went with the terrain range from Alternative Armies. Lovely pre-fab “pods” that I can’t recommend highly enough for 15mm. (Plus a lot of scratchbuilding with GZG and other bits)


  2. Snap! When I get around to playing Pulp Alley, that is just what the first scenario in the book is (I just intend to give it a Sci Fi twist).


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