We Come in Peace


I believe voting has closed for round 5 of the LPL now, so here’s my latest entry in all their glory


I bought these from the very excellent CP Models from their Greys range – this is *hopefully* the only LPL entry I have bought specifically (there was a bonus round of ‘Ship’s Crew’ for this round) – I’ve wanted to paint some up for ages, and this felt like a great excuse.

The size is fun on these – they’re about 16mm to the shoulder (so the bodies feel like painting 15mm) but the helmets are clearly *big* – I’ve bought some more to chop the heads off for a 28mm set of conversions I want to do.

At some point I might get hold of some of the zombies and paint them up for some sort of mini-game, they were an absolute delight to put a brush on. This is also a rare alternative painting style for me – no ink washes at all. These were based grey then painted using a great turquoisey/grey/blue triad I’ve got.

Chuffed with ’em, and they served me well this round.

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