Bounty Dogs!


Another week and another LPL round closed. It’s been tough towards the end of the league, so this group where fairly ad-hoc – just a group of mean adventurers or bounty hunters.


I’m pleased with how well this group tie together, even though they’re all different. Not a huge amount else to write about ’em though – there’s only so exciting a band of hired killers can be!

2 thoughts on “Bounty Dogs!

  1. Cool looking group. Very nice painting on those chaps, it’s always good to see the ion age stuff well painted.

    Well done for sustaining the paint flow, it’s a real joy but I’m also bitterly resentful of your exemplary output!


    1. Thanks! Yeah I find I have to pick and choose Ion Age minis carefully. The weapons are ridiculous on some and their scale can be off – and I’m not a scale stickler by any means. Some are really good though.

      I’ve really enjoyed the extra motivation the completion has given me – had a wobble a few weeks ago but all in all it’s been great.


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