Strolling Deceased

Hiya all,

Well – I’ve been tempted by yet another project! I’ve really enjoyed seeing people’s Walking Dead mini’s in various places and the rules (including solo rules) really appeal to me, so I decided to buy the Woodbury solo set, the electronic rulebook, the terrain set and the walker booster which have trickled in over the past week or so. Over on LAF I also started a wee thread for some ideas I had about gaming the PC game Overland a while ago, which I’ll try and combine with this stuff.

Now that my entries LPL are out the way I’m going to switch up to some other projects for a wee while, so tonight I spent some time on these.

Firstly – basing decisions. I was really tempted to go with clear bases, I’ve really come round to them recently but they preclude magnetising, which makes them a no go for me. The plastic integral bases are slightly hollow underneath, which makes adding a magnet a bit tricky too, so I decided to try something I’ve wanted to do for ages that can only really be done with plastic – small, irregular bases:



I’m aware that if I want to introduce any metal minis – especially with slotta tabs – it’ll be pain as I’ll have to pin them, but it’ll be fine!

I carved these 7 tonight out of 2mm plasticard, gave them a good going over with wet and dry paper, then drilled and glued a magnet. I’m going for the spirit of the old Gorkamorka bases – as small as possible but maintaining balance. So that the bases work on lots of surfaces I’ll be painting them a mix of brown, asphalt and dead grass.

Next I’ll be painting, and I think I might try army painter dip on the zombies, keeping ’em nice and simple and quick – I fancy keeping this as more of a simple gaming project than one to spend loads of time on. Or maybe just the classic ‘devlan wash all over’ painting style.

Anyway, I’ll slap some gesso on these 7 tonight and try and get them (and some terrain) done over the next week or so.

See ya soon.

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