Hogman Hybrids in Spaaaaaaace!

Morning all,


Well, LPL is over-  not seen the results yet but think I think I did middling to OK, but that’s fine – I’ve really enjoyed it, and can’t believe I’ve got over 60 minis finished. Great fun.

I’d intended my last entry to be another group of Punks for my Beat-’em-up project, but they were going too slow (and I wasn’t enjoying them entirely to be honest) so late on I switched to painting these excellent Space Dorkz from Slap Minis’ kickstarter (should be available soon).


In my Sci-Fi world they’re remnants of an engineered slave race (human genes combined with pig genes… for some reason) that now exist as violent raiders (yes, yes, that’s basically Orks but pig colour). Love ’em. Some of the best 15 sculpts going.


4 thoughts on “Hogman Hybrids in Spaaaaaaace!

  1. That is a really nice, understated paint-job! I got some too. I don’t even like space Orcs very much. I got the GDF, which I just finished painting, and couldn’t resist these. They will go into the post-apocalypse project.


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