More Units for Horizon Wars

Hiya All,

Had a few quiet days on here – combo of a) a touch of LPL burnout and b) HEAT – has meant I haven’t painted much for a good week or so.

I have turned back to another project I’ve had ticking along: making more units for Horizon Wars (a ruleset I *really* like).

For my 6mm stuff, I want a bit less of a ‘hard’ sci-fi thing, which means melee units and other slightly less realistic stuff.

I came up with the attached by toying with a few stats, trying to balance the pros and cons of the new units. I designed these rules so that a squad of 5 normal grunts would represent a unit of Light Infantry as a baseline.

I mostly solo game, and they’re balanced enough for my gaming, your mileage may vary!

A few tips:

  • Force selection no longer grants you a free CHQ unit. Now you just pick a unit type (say, Heavy Infantry) and assign that as your CHQ.
  • You no longer ‘earn’ command resources. Instead you can buy up to 9 CR, 3CR for a point of Presence.
  • Any P spent on CR is applied to your CHQ for momentum and intelligence purposes. For example, if your CHQ is Heavy Infantry (P2) and you spend 2P on 6CR, your CHQ is now P4 for momentum and intelligence purposes.
  • Note when assault units swap ‘Dig in’ for +1P in an assault, this matters!

Anyway, hope other’s find this useful. I’m planning to use them for ‘Ork Wars’ – like a 6mm version of Gorkamorka, but bigger scale battles (around 20 Force Presence). They should work well for smaller games set in the 40k world too (like mini-Mini Epic).

Here’s an example 20P army list (plus what the models will be):

Heavy Combat Brutes (2P) – Ork Warboss and Nobz

Heavy Battle Taxi (2P) – Reinforced Ork Trukk

2x Combat Brutes (2P)

2x Battle Taxi’s (4P)- Ork Trukk’s

2x Mobile Assault Infantry (4P) – Ork Warbikes

3x Light Cav (6P) – Ork Warbuggies

I’m going to order this force from the excellent Vanguard miniatures then start working on them.

Have fun! and let me know what you if you use them.


4 thoughts on “More Units for Horizon Wars

  1. Looks like fun!

    I’ve never had a go at Horizon wars and the small scale looks perfect for solo skirmish games.

    How does it play? Is it relatively quick, simple and (most importantly) fun?

    Looking forward to seeing the miniatures, vanguard do a lot of cool stuff.


    1. I REALLY like it, and if you wanted a sort of hard Sci Fi thing it’s good to go. There’s no solo engine, so you’d need to improvise (which I don’t mind).

      It’s great for ‘skirmish’ scale games – as in playing with 5-10 models, not individually based – so you could have 2 tanks, 3 infantry squads and a support vehicle and hat would give you a good game.

      I’d definitely pick it up – it’s probably the game that inspired me to make the most new mini purchases for a long time, as the forces are so compact. It’s not gritty, and requires the bare minimum book keeping (units will need differentiating and you mark off stats as they’re damaged).


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