Hullo again,

As promised, here’s an intro to my planned ‘Ork Warz’ project.

I really like the 6mm Skinnerz range from Vanguard miniatures and really love Gorkamorka, so why not a 6mm Gorkamorka project?

I don’t want to do 6mm Skirmish, so I’m expanding it to a larger scale conflict – imagine the world of Gorkamorka but rather than small groups in conflict it’s the townships, outposts and city slums united against each other.

I like the idea of collecting very themed forces – I can picture one force being led by a Mad Mek from a Mek fort out in the wastes – a stompa or three supported by big gunz and kanz. A raiding force of nomadic Speed Freakz would be all bikes, buggies and trukks. A defensive Ork town built arounfd a ruind Gargant made up of boyz. It’s going to be great!

I’m picturing this as ‘large skirmish’ – somewhere around 10 units a side (so what, 15-20P in Horizon Wars terms?) and a lot of the character will come from ‘themed’ the forces are.

Force one is on the way to me at the moment – it’ll be the least ‘themed’ – some boyz, some bikerz, some trucks and some nobz. Not sure that I’ll be able to get going on them until August, so as has become tradition – here’s a pintrest board where I’m gathering ideas:

2 thoughts on “ORK WARZ!!!

  1. Hi!

    It’s a brilliant concept for a really fun sounding project! (So much so I may have to steal the idea)

    Small scale 6mm skirmishing is great fun for an affordable project without needing a large gaming surface!

    Can’t wait to see what you come up with!


    1. Ah thanks mate – I’m a *little* bit worried that the Horizon Wars rules (that I love) might be a bit ‘dry’ for what is essentially massive Gorkamorka, but if necessary I’ll concoct my own.

      I agree about 6mm – it’s a scale I think gets a bit neglected for ‘warband’ scale games… not individual basing, but small groups. If the office gods shine on me today I’ll have time to basecoat the orks later…


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