Quick Post: Space Adventurer

Hi all,

I’ve been really pressed for time this last week or so, and what little hobby time I have had has been spent on some terrain I’m working on and prepping some other minis, so haven’t had a huge amount to show off.

I did manage to finish off this guy though.


Sorry – no time to get the lightbox out, so these pics will have to do for now.

This guy is the WIP I showed off a few weeks ago – a Brigade body, Slap minis baldy head, sculpted (very 90’s!) hair and helmet from on the Critical Mass mercenaries (now available from Ral Partha)


I’m really pleased with him – he’s a real character, something that my 15mm collection can be a bit lacking in. I think the angle from the back makes the belt clipped helmet look more awkward than it is in real life – in the flesh it’s pretty effective.

Anyway, hope to have some more to show off soon.


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