Ork Warz! The First Warband

Evening All,

Spent today in the home office, so had a bit of time over a sandwich to make the bases for my first Ork Warz warband. This warband is meant to be ‘classically’ orky – not too theme, just a mix of boyz, a bikerz and trukks.

I’m not certain I’ll use the thin infantry bases – just wanted to make some to see how they’d look. Might revert to my usual 2mm MDF ‘Flames of War’ style bases from Warbases.


Using my custom Horizon Wars units we’ve got:

1 x Heavy Combat Brutes (CHQ) – 2P

4 x Combat Brutes – 4P

3 x Heavy Battle Taxi’s – 6P

3 x Mobile Assault Infantry – 6P

3 x Light Cav – 6P

This gives me a nice 24P to draw on for smaller games (plus maybe some P to spend on command resources in bigger games).

I’ve also got a nice chunk left over from my Vanguard order for the next warband too (maybe some Bad Moonz style guys – with a preponderance of Nobz). I’ve also got an Epic Squiggoth stashed for a warband along the way.

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