Deserts of Space, Deserts of the Past


Sorry it’s been quite round here – a holiday, a house move and some seemingly glacial painting hasn’t left much in the way of ‘finished’ minis.

A quick couple of bits:


A Sci-Fi mendicant, wandered or otherwise robed peasant. I bought a great pack of priests from Forged in Battle for my desert fantasy project (on which more of in just a second) so decided to paint on up as a general alien person. I like the idea of antiquity inspired space peasants (not so much medieval – more togas, robes and tunics), so I might explore this in a bit more detail when I eventually get round to making a space town. I think I might dedicate a month or so soon to solely painting 15mm sci-fi NPC’s, lots of which I’ll try and convert from ancients civilians. Maybe.


A couple of general desert adventurers for desert fantasy from Copplestone Castings – a Conan-esque barbarian (if nothing else, I can play some Crom with him and my desert raiders) and a more traditional barbarian, out of place among the dunes. I’ve got a ‘daughter’, a baggage camel and a companion monk on the way to go with him soon.

Anyway, things are returning back to normal, so I should be able to add a few more posts of the next fortnight. Need to sort my photo set up, recent ones haven’t looked great – sorry about that.

See you soon.

3 thoughts on “Deserts of Space, Deserts of the Past

    1. The priest pack is great (don’t all necessarily look like priests, could just be civilian robes), so are the 3 villager packs (roman, Celtic and Greek). There’s also a really good pack with improvised weapons and no shields in the Spartacus Slave Revolt section that would be really useful for city folk too.


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