B’ntelek, Bodyguard


Finally finished a mini I started a while ago (this is actually the second iteration – I wasn’t happy with the first ones sculpting after I started painting so I scrapped him). He’s a massive bodyguard (or bounty hunter – or bodyguard for a bounty hunter!) with a huge, normally tank mounted autogun. I love the mini, but I realise he’s probably a terrifying prospect in the small skirmish games I play.


I’m really pleased with the mini though – he’s one of the bird men from the very excellent CP Models:


I had to file the neck area flatter, then sculpted the head, ears and horns. I managed to match the fur sculpting pretty well I reckon, he’s come out nicely.


Here he is next to a WIP Forged in Battle priest (who’s actually pretty tall herself), so you can really get the gist of his scale. Scary fella.


9 thoughts on “B’ntelek, Bodyguard

  1. An inspired conversion… I like the fact that you did relatively little to the figure yet completely changed its species type and character. Also, that priest would make a good Mon Mothma, for those who are into such things…


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