Wasteland Scavvers


A little while ago Crooked Dice rereleased the old (very good) Palduron Games post apocalypse terrain, and seeing it really got my post apocalypse juices flowing.

I was (and still am) a bit worried that

a) I don’t enjoy painting 28mm massively

b) a sci-fi post apocalypse wasteland theme might retread some of the ground I’m covering in 15mm

so I decided before splurging on terrain to dig through my leadpile and paint something related first.

I chose these chaps, from Pig Iron Productions (who I’m glad are back in the game having ended a while ago):


I went for a speed painting method, skipping a whole step that I would usually take – I think it worked pretty well for these grubby, dirty, rusty scavengers – not sure I’ll use it for other minis though.

All in all, I think they look pretty effective – time to treat myself to a bit of terrain! A few Diggas from the old Gorkamorka range next I reckon…


7 thoughts on “Wasteland Scavvers

  1. Very nice work there chap! Really effective painting and speeding up the process is always a good thing.

    I totally see where you’re coming from in regards to enjoying the painting or not. I’ve a load of 28mm stuff that needs painting (and assembling – which is also a chore) but, try as I might, I don’t actually enjoy painting them. 15mm seems so much more, well, fun! Coupled with the fact that hobby time is limited I may as well enjoy it.


    1. Yeah – I’ve learned not to go big on spending for projects anymore unless I’ve painted a wee bit up first, incase it’s a chore.

      It’s a shame sometimes – I bought some of the Lead Adventure Astropolis models and, although they’re absolutely fantatsic, I hated painting all the little gribbly details. I need a new, impressionistic approach to 28mm I think!


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