Aunt Mira – Weapons Merchant

“Come in, come in… close that door! Want me to catch a wastechill?! Now, keep that thing holstered and let’s see whatya got fer trade – I’ve got a few new bits yer might be interested in…”

Hi All,

I’ve not been massively productive recently – I seem to be in a buying, experimenting and priming phase at the moment, but I have been progressing with a few more 28mm bits.

I finished this conversion a while ago – I’m a huge fan of everything Axiom does over on Magpie and Old Lead, and he’s got a few great conversions of civilians miniatures, so in a fit of excitement a few months ago I scoured eBay for various civilians from all eras, hoping to build a hodgepodge of sci-fi denizens. At the time I didn’t know where this stern lady was from, but I’ve since clocked she’s in this pack from Footsore.


I hope you’ll forgive me the indulgence of two pics of her, but I’m really pleased with 2 parts (that you can’t really see in one pic). One is the power claw – I decided to paint up a scarred face on the same side too, clearly she should have handed over that Nuka-grenade a little more carefully.

The powerclaw is a Forgeworld part from the bitsbox that I spliced on to her arm.


The other thing I’m happy with is the hand I resculpted resting on her sculpted holster. The whole pose slots in nicely with her shawl, she’s got a tense thing going on, like she’s seen too many deals go wrong.

The belt, pouch and goggles are all just little greenstuff touches too. Pouches being wargames code for “this person does things with or for money” (seriously – look at every trader or mercenary model ever!).

Sorry about the photos – I seem to still be having this issue with the white balance, I think I need a new background colour to shoot against.

I’ve got a couple more minis to go with her and little bit of terrain – I’ll have a small family manning their wasteland arms store by the end.

See you soon.

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