Recent Output


Working at home today, so managed to get a quick matte varnish session in and box off a few minis. I will say though – ‘scuse the photos again. I’m having an absolute ‘mare at the moment, I need to work on my set up a bit more, they’re really boshing my paint jobs.

Firstly, for Fantasy, here’s a desert barbarian:


I wanted a different look for this guy, so he’s got a glowing blonde mane – He-Man style! Another fun Copplestone mini, I’m not sure how he fits in to my recent plans, but I’m sure he’ll be useful.

Next up, some Sci-Fi. As part of my desert fantasy project I’ve been buying loads of classical, dark ages and biblical civilians, and some of them have become fodder for Sci-fi conversions. I’ve been very inspired by the Art of Rogue One book, there’s some fantastic civilians in that.

So, inspired by colourful robes and strange hats – here’s a space shepherd and his alien goats:


The goats are obviously just painted in an odd colour (I actually painted the lamb in the chaps hands first, but didn’t really think the colour choice through – so the goats had to follow suit!). I sculpted the helmet/hat (I always think it’s very sci-fi when an opaque surface covers eyes) and gave him some padded pants. All in all he’s pretty good I reckon.

I’m pretty chuffed to add some goats actually, having been really enjoying The Vagrant recently (which has a great goat ‘character’).

Finally, and slightly ironically, is my first finished mini from the new Crom’s Anvil range, converted for Sci-Fi:



I added a backpack, visor and some pouches and pads just to sci-fi him up. I reckon he’ll slot in nicely in the background of some space streets.

Anyway, sorry again about the photos – I’ve still got a chunk more basing and varnishing to do, so should have some more bits to show soon.

9 thoughts on “Recent Output

  1. Glad I dropped by… these are great! I always appreciate a departure from standard “heavily armed space troopers” subjects. I’m tempted to steal your monk conversion, he looks really cool with those goggles. I’ve done an SF monk myself from Alternative Armies’ Japanese range; very different looking.

    I hadn’t heard of Crom’s Anvil before but they’re worth keeping an eye on. All their figures have some SF potential, especially in a Star Wars like universe with a lot of, shall we say, *lifestyle inequality*.


    1. Thanks. Michael, the guy behind Angel Barracks 6mm stuff is responsible for Croms Anvil, and if that’s anything to go by Croms Anvil should blossom nicely.

      Exactly! That’s my taste in Sci-Fi – peasants in spaaaaaaace! I like ‘Lifestyle Inequality’.


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