Desert Uruk


Quick pick, without the light set-up, of my latest finishes batch – these are Eureka 18mm Man-Orcs (i.e. Uruk-Hai) that I decided to test some speed painting methods on. They’re nowhere near as neat as my usual stuff, but I likes ’em for it.


Basically I chose 3 colour plus the skin and metal, slapped it all on (with usual black lining), washed with sepia then skipped my usual next step (almost entirely reapply the basecoat) and went straight to applying the basecoat colour as the first highlight. They make another handy group for my desert fantasy project as general nasty buggers, always useful!

I’ll come back and do some better images at some point but I shoot with my iPhone and downloaded a better camera app last week (‘Manual’), which looks like it might be promising for getting better photos than I’ve been getting recently (admittedly this isn’t the evidence!).

I’ve got a day off tomorrow and might fight a LotR SBG game between these chaps and some of my desert tribesmen, using the very excellent Isildur’s Bane solo rules. I may even put some picks up!


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