Still Ticking Along – Baddy Troopers


Thought I’d best pop a wee post up – nothing too exciting. Along with some more 6mm on Ork Warz I’ve got 20 or GZG Brethren of the New Light on the painting desk that I’m painting up in a ‘formal’ sort of uniform – I figured they’d work well as checkpoint guards or Imperial-style troops.

The purple’s finished on all of them, but the off-white has two more shades to go.


They should work for troops at secret bases or henchmen too (a few tweaks to the colour scheme and you could easily pass them off as COBRA style troops):


Of the twenty figs I chose I tried to have 10 ‘static’ poses and 10 more dynamic poses. I like the idea of gaming some Special ops/Metal Gear Solid type games with the static minis in place until it all kicks off, then switching them out once it all kicks off.

Having settled on the uniform colour I’m *tempted* to make these the first unit in my regularly threatened ‘Arctic’ base, it’s quite a good uniform colour for that – the off-white says ‘cold weather’ but the purple says ‘paramilitary dapper baddie’ –  but I probably won’t.

More soon.

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