Rusty Robot


Very quick post today – had almost zero time to paint recently, so tried to get back on the wagon with a really simple mini: One base colour, wash, and 2 highlights. I did absolutely nothing with the metal other than wash.

I’m please with him though – he’ll play a sort of rough and ready version of C3PO, accompanying main characters. He’s from this range from the Ion Age – I didn’t like this range initially, but there’s some fantastic minis in it. The only exception is what should be the most useful pack; the adventurers. For my eye the mental oversized weapons really spoil them.

I also have a new ‘manual’ camera app. It seems to be helping but I’ve still not quite got the white balance right, and the focus is a touch off here. Ho hum.

Anyway – back to the Brethren of the New Light from a couple of posts ago I reckon.

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