Busy Doin’ Nowt

Evening all,

I sometimes mention here on the blog that I go through waves of having lots of bits in various stages, but nothing quite near finished. It stays that way until I hit a critical mass of minis gloss varnished and awaiting basing, then I churn out a load at the same time.


This is about a third of minis in this variation of stages – I’m sure you’ll see these properly over the next few weeks.

I have been working on something new too – Cowboys! More specifically Blue Moon’s 18mm Old West range. The sculpts are odd – they’re very realistic and well proportioned. They’re good looking sculpts, but my feeling is that they’re not really painter-friendly. The detail is a little shallow and is very delicate in parts.

Saying that – a new style sculpt and a new project seems a good chance to try some new painting techniques. I’m a bit obsessed with the very excellent Heresy Brush. His 15mm is just absolutely ace – fantastic contrast and great blends, with some unusual stuff going on with the colours. So, I’m trying to rip him off! I’m trying this project entirely wash-free – everything will be painted up from shade tones.


This is the first chap I tried – quick pics under the light always wash minis out a little, but he’s nowhere near contrasty enough.


This bandito is better – again, light has dropped some of the contrast (there’s about 4 tones on that flat looking neck scarf!).


And this is tonights – I really like him.. helps that he’s the best sculpt in the pack in my opinion.

Anyway – hopefully much more to come soon. I’m listening to the incredible 2666 by Roberto Bolaño whilst I paint at the moment, so I’m double motivated to get back to painting!

3 thoughts on “Busy Doin’ Nowt

  1. Love the banditos! The painting is looking really good and I’m in awe of your patience.

    I totally sympathise with long periods with stuff on the go, but nothing finished, I’ve been battling through reorganising my hobby cupboard, some 6mm barbarians, the ongoing 15mm sci-fi and trying to sculpt!

    I often have to remind myself that this is my hobby and not a chore.


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