Hunting Beasts


Watch out space shepherd!

Hi All,

These guys were nigh on finished in my last, workbench, post so I thought I’d get the basing done then take a more scenic shot (for a change). It’s a bit washed out, but you get the idea.

These were some little extras in the very excellent Slap Minis Space Dorks kickstarter, and now come in the pack when you order it. Great little minis, lovely for small scenarios. I think they’re supposed to be different animals, but I like the idea that it’s a baby one. I’m going to make a nest too.


I’ve also done a chunk more on my desert tiles. I used the same tinted gloss glaze I use for my basing method – they’re still a touch glossy, but once I’ve added a few tuffts and moss pads I’ll give them another matte spray.


Here’s some WIP chaps on 18mm and a camel on a 25mm base to give a sense of scale.


I clearly owe a big debt to Matakishi on these. The paving slabs are a bit big really, but once there’s some street furniture on there they’ll look good I think.

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