A Little More Caving

Hiya folks,

Tiny wee update – managed to shape the cork and basecoat both the cork and the board.


Looking back at the images I might do a bit more shaping on the cork and plaster before I get too stuck into painting detail. Easy to repair the basecoat.

As the board is so small I also decided to use my ‘glaze’ method that I base minis with (and used on the souk tiles), which is also how I base terrain, so we should have lots of nice matching things. No picture of that stage though. I like this finish because it’s super tough (the glaze is made from Vallejo polyurethene varnish) and because it flattens out the texture a wee bit, so based terrain sits nicely.

I think for these I’m going to paint the top of the rocks black, to visually reinforce the fact that we’re underground and they’re not rocky outcrops.

You’ll see an unfinished chap on an 18mm base up at the top there, to give a sense of scale. This is all the rocks I’ve built, they won’t all necessarily be used at the same time. I’ve also started work on a small piece of terrain for use ‘above ground’ that an adventurer might fall into, finding the cave network. I’m seeing an adventure that looks something like: An adventure or two in ‘town’, maybe fact-finding and surviving an assassination attempt (souk tiles), above ground desert adventure as he heads out to complete task given in souk adventures (hilly area, ruins, general desert), falling in to the cavernous area (a series of dungeon crawl style adventures), discovering a network of ancient temple corridors underground (back to souk tiles) then some sort of climatic event. Should be fun, and keep me going a while!!

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