Cave Entrances and Spooky Stones



Not the easiest thing to take a quick picture of, but I quickly painted up some Copplestone Castings terrain I had tucked away – here they are posed on my small 30×30 board. They’ll do a good job of acting as either spawn points or points of interest (maybe to find the entrance to the cave system).


They look a bit shiny here, it’s just the light though. I have actually left the black stones glossy though (no highlights, flat black, shiny). Gives them a nice Cthullu touch.


4 thoughts on “Cave Entrances and Spooky Stones

    1. Thanks matey,

      I’ve got a huge pot I made of polyurethane gloss varnish with a touch of ‘dark beige’ in it, which acts a bit like a sand version of the ‘dip’ people use on minis.

      So I texture, paint with a very particular buff titanium (Pip Seymour – it’s a really ‘sandy’ colour) then slap the glaze on – different thicknesses, dappled, whatever – when it’s matted at the end it works pretty well. It’s exactly how I base minis too.


      1. Cheers – the trick is a slightly gloopy gloss varnish (that polyurethane floor stuff is good) and not too much pigment, just enough to do the job. I reckon it’s about 1:30 paint:gloss mix but you’ll suss it I’m sure. The nice thing is that once it’s dry and matted it’s a textured surface but the thick gloss has ‘flattened’ the texture a bit, so terrain and bases sit slightly better.


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