Haul That Load!

Evening all,

In today’s episode of ‘I done some matt varnishing…’ here’s an ammo hauler from the new GZG Alien Mercs HMG pack. I like him as a sort of labourer around town – he’d accompany a caravan well, or work well in a sort of mechanic settlement. I need to check with Jon at GZG if there’s any way of buying some castings of those ammo canisters he’s carrying – that’d be great.


With his pockets I got the nice effect of mixing two types of green, which I really like and always forget – I keep meaning to do a military unit with khaki green cloth and that brighter green armour and helmets. Must remember.

4 thoughts on “Haul That Load!

      1. I’ve heard great things about both of those games. I have No Stars in Sight, just need to find an excuse to play it.


      2. Both great games, Pulp Alley is really good though, especially if you throw all the rules for building warbands out the window (I solo play, so ‘balance’ doesn’t matter too much).


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