Sporlath Mecx: Bounty Hunter (Huntress?)

Hullo folks,

Sorry, long time – no post. I’ve been working on some other bits and bobs and very busy with work, so not had much to post on the blog.

I did finish this mini off though – haven’t decided on the sex of Sporlath Mecx yet, but they’re definitely a big, brutish bounty hunter.


It’s originally a mini from the 28mm Rogue Stars range, but other than being tall for a 15mm, it scales quite well – it’s a pretty delicate sculpt in 28mm.


I like the idea of twinning him/her with with another, small bounty hunter who rides on their back whilst travelling. Probably the dwarfish chap on the right in this picture. That seems like quite a fun combo.


I played a few games of the new edition 5 Parsecs from Home the other day, and must admit I didn’t like it so much, so now I’m back to toying with Void Pirates:

Sporlath Mecx (Specialist)

Traits: Enhanced Senses/Regen/Massive

(Vitality: 6, Move: 9cm)

Non-combat boost (“techno-readout”).

Light Armour and pistol.

= 15pts.


Looking forward to giving him a game (particularly how the ‘mount’ mechanic associated with ‘massive’ plays).


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