Little Troopers and Big Troublemakers

Hullo folks,

Long time no update – I’ve got a big chunk of things in various half-finished states at the mo, which I tend not to blog about (but do check out my Instagram for more of those bits). I did get a good weekend of hobby this past weekend though (interrupted by sunshine, beers and Brompton riding though!) and started a few bits, did some work on all my Crom’s Anvil buildings (they’ll be done very soon actually but you can see WIP in the Instagram feed) and finished off a couple of things.

Firstly, my ‘omage to the very excellent Head Lopper by Andrew MacLean, who has been patiently waiting his turn for basing and varnishing for a while. He’s a Copplestone barbarian (one of the clean shaven heroes) with a beard sculpted on. Dead simple really.


(I’ve since done his base edges too! Durp)

Here’s the original for those that haven’t seen…



A good fun comic well worth picking up too.

I also finished off a small 6mm force for Horizon Wars that I started absolutely ages ago. Really nice not-Tau from Onslaught Miniatures (via Vanguard), though the casting of the walker was a bit shonky, cunningly hidden with a bit of ‘weathering’.



Lost some of the tones in these pics, but I’m especially pleased with the small skimmers, they’re really nice little models (those are 25x20mm bases for reference on those skimmers).

More to come soon – likely 15mm sci-fi space farmers, though we’ll see!


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