Rogue Trader Rogues

Hello folks,

I’m not dead!

I’ve been absolutely swamped recently, and hobby time has taken a real knock. I’ve also decided to take a dabble in 28mm, especially Oldhammery-flavour Rogue Trader and conversions of Pulp minis.

Here’s the first 5 I’ve managed to get finished. No major high concept foe these – I wanted to ease myself in by just getting a few good minis off the bench.

Drunken Pilot 1

Drunken Pilot 2

Here we have a drunken pilot (a conversion of a Pulp minis Russian Sailor). Something a bit odd going on with the matt finish on his pants in this pic – no idea, doesn’t look like that in the flesh.

I altered his head, and toyed with taking the bottle away, but I thought a drunken pilot might be useful.


Another Pulp conversion here – now the Captain of a trading ship.

Pirate 2Pirate 3Pirate 4

Next, just a simple adventurer from RT601. Love the contrived poses of these early Rogue Trader minis.

Pirate 1

And another!

Heroic Pulp Guy

And a final Pulp minis conversion – converted with only his paintjob!

‘Scuse the pictures – really must get my photo set up back up and running.

7 thoughts on “Rogue Trader Rogues

      1. It must have been the casting requirements but I like. And the faces, like you say, were … well I remember this wounded Space Marine, he looked Edvard Munch’s The Scream. All part of the charm.

        Great work on the whole crew.

        Liked by 1 person

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