Getting My Act Together: a Mini a Week

Hello folks,

As recent posting can attest, I’m struggling with hobby time at the moment!


I’m chuffed I boxed off some of the minis I posted yesterday, and it’s motivated me to come up with a little plan, particularly because I’m starting on a new-ish 28mm. So, my modest aim is to paint a mini a week. Sort of.

It is indeed modest, but it does that I’ll have (potentially) 52 minis for my Rogue Trader project, which is loads.

I’ve given myself a few rules to play:

  1. Commit! It’s fine to paint more/other stuff but I have to try and complete the minis I’m working on by my deadline.
  2. I can stack weeks – so if I want to complete a squad of 5 soldiers, I can give myself 5 weeks. This is also good if I want to spend a 3 weeks converting and painting a group (for example). This also lets me group my basing sessions together.
  3.  Other scales – ‘1 mini’ is 3 x 15mm minis, or 3 stands/bases of 6mm minis. So if I embark on another 6mm project with 3 tanks and 5 infantry stands, that’s a 2 week project.
  4. Terrain – I’ll play it by ear but something like ‘1 big piece is 2 minis, 1 small piece is one mini’.
  5. Sculpting goals – I’m trying to learn to sculpt at the moment too. So I’m going to count ‘vague sculpting goals’ as a weekly achievement. “Sculpt some dollies”, “sculpt a head” etc. etc.

I’m about to finish another mini (I’ll get the chance to matt varnish him on Sunday) so this week is boxed off.

For the next few weeks I’d like to see something like this:

Week 32: Another Sci-Fi/Pulp mini and complete my set of half-finished dollies to send for casting.

Week 33-39: Another Sci-Fi/Pulp mini. Ideally part of a 5-7 man faction. Probably a xeno-archaeologist and accompanying party.

Week 40: Sci-Fi terrain pieces. 2 large ideally.

Week 42: Sci-Fi terrain – 5 pieces of scatter terrain.

So, by mid October I should have a complete Rogue Trader faction (7ish members) and a small group of terrain. My dollies should ask arrive back during this time, so there’ll be some sculpting goals appearing too.

Let’s see how it goes!

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