Pilot Down!

Evening all,

As I mentioned in my last post, I had this pilot mini (another Pulp Figures classic) almost finished, so I’m cheating a little bit with my ‘mini a week’ first entry.

Pilot 1

He’s another one I’ve ‘converted’ mostly just by painting him in Sci-Fi colours (whatever those are). I did add a couple more pouches to his belt at the back – really simple sculpts (the fold line is just painted on) just to add a little more detail. I also sculpted over the hammer on his pistol, so it’s a bit sleeker.

Pilot 2

I’m still having issues with my varnishing process – I’ll leave him overnight and see whether it cures to a more matt finish.

Pilot 3

I’ve got some plague ghouls slowly going through a speed-painting process at the moment. Once they’re done I plan to play some games with this chap – I’ve got the Waling Dead solo rules that I like the look of, so I’ll be trying them out – just counting the zombies as zombies, and making a survivor using the survivor creation rules in whatever-the-supplement is called.

Still, very please he’s boxed off – let’s see what the next week brings!


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