Savannah Masters

Evening all,

Still knuckling down on my Pulp/Rogue Trader project (though I did buy the pretty excellent Sons of Mars rules, so there’s a couple of gladiators snuck into the queue), but I also took the time to box this battlegroup off.


Mostly intended for Horizon Wars and Squad Hammer, they were also a bit of an experiment with Army Painter primer. The other colour I bought (rusty-brown colour) was a bit rough, but this blue is pretty nice. I like blacklining for figures, but for a 6mm project using a coloured primer is pretty successful. Only negative here is that the brush on version of this blue is bloody awful. Needs an actual stir. Ho hum.


I don’t have many Light Infantry groups in the small Horizon Wars forces I’ve collected, so I think these should play nicely. I’ve got an infantry-centric force coming up next.


The vehicles are from Brigade Models’ Hammer’s Slammers range – I absolutely love the Savannah Master, it’s got such a good sci-fi feel – I really like sci-fi vehicles that seem to mix an exploratory and combat function. You can imagine these landing down on a new planet to explore an area.


Boxing these off this week *definitely* counts as my mini-a-week entry this week!

Talking of Sons of Mars above – it’s well worth checking out. I’m always interested in gladiatorial and duel rulesets. I’d like to write a ruleset one day for very small fantasy encounters (think a Witcher fighting a beast or 2 knights duking it out), so I’m always buying up these rulesets. This one seems a fun way of getting a couple of gladiator minis on the table.

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