The Drunk’n & The Punk’n


Boxed off a couple more Rogue Trader naughty boys – a drunken chap (hence the red nose) and a punken (?!) chap.


Lovely sculpts – I really like the contorted pose of the yellow suited drunk, it’s a great dynamic pose, even if it is bizarre. He’s got a cracking face too.


I struggle to paint dark skin tones (they’re a bit like black – hard to highlight whilst keeping them looking dark) so I treated myself to a Foundry ‘Dark Skin’ paint triad. I rarely use ready made triads, usually just mix light and shade from a base midtone, but this one helped. Not perfect, but pretty good. His pants draw any attention away from the skintone anyway!


These guys are painted in similar enough shades that they’ll match up with the last Rogue Trader fellas I painted too.


And yes, these are this week’s minis!

4 thoughts on “The Drunk’n & The Punk’n

  1. Great stuff! The blue hair and purple pantaloons work really well on that second guy – great contrast with his skin tone. I like the drunk too – terrific face, as you say!


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