Every Good Xeno-Archeaologist Needs a Bodyguard

Evening all,

As my Instagram feed will attest (see the sidebar on the right if you haven’t clocked it) I’ve not been idle, but I haven’t posted here for a while – sorry!

As well as everything else (including my current inspiration to produce some very old school ‘tin-soldier’ style Sci-Fi) I’m still plugging away with my Pulp/Rogue Trader project.

Today I managed to slap some varnish on two new members:

A Xeno-Archeaologist



Picture’s a bit blown out, but you get the gist – an almost entirely unconverted Pulp figure, I just gave him a metal peg-leg to give him a bit more of a ‘veteran’ vibe.

Then, his faithful bodyguard.



This chap got a classic ‘hey I’m sci-fi dontchaknow’ shoulder-pad and that monkey is *clearly* sci-fi. Again, another Pulp figure.

I’ve got a 6mm force almost ready to roll – just basing and some experiments with pigment left to do, so that’ll be up soon. I’m also toying with some ideas for some very glossy, very old-school sci-fi bits inspired by the *very* excellent @bundo_kess on Twitter:


So expect to see something totally different (and I suspect not to everyone’s taste) soon.


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