Evening all,

I’ve been working on this force for a littlw while, lots of new things (pigment basing – didn’t work, the matte spray washed it away!), micron pens (for the chipping on the Mechafront mech) and Shapeways minis (the very excellent power armour, from the very excellent Hardware Studios).


Other than the fact I wasted my time with the pigment, I’m pretty pleased with these. The very few tiny patches of pigment that are left on the bases don’t look good now, so I’ll go back in and cover those with more moss pads.


The power armour have small glowing eyes, which hasn’t really photographed well, but I’m really pleased with it in the flesh – just wish I wasn’t having endless issues with my Dullcote. I’m thinking of moving on to Tamiya TS-80 spray, which I know scale modellers use a lot.

I’ve got a good chunk of 6mm terrain on the go at the moment, looking forward to getting more games of Squad Hammer in (which has replaced Horizon Wars for me).

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