Fun with Tinkercad!

Evening all,

Not produced a huge amount of hobby output recently – partly I’ve been quite busy, partly because I’ve been having fun learning Tinkercad.

I’ve made a load of mistakes, and got confused with internal geometry stuff, but I feel like it’s starting to click now.

6mm hover tanks

I really like a-symmetrical, blocky, Star Wars-esque vehicles, so I started there and had a play about.

Once the prints arrive and I can check them over, if I’m happy I’ll order some more of the excellent Hardware Studios power armour (my painted examples here), because I think these’ll be a great match.

6mm hover tanks 2

I’ve ordered from 3D Hubs, which is pretty quick to turn around, so I’ll post again shortly!

6 thoughts on “Fun with Tinkercad!

  1. Tinkercad eh? I’ve just started to play around with it myself and was wondering how you go about building your vehicle shapes. Are you grouping objects together and using shapes as ‘holes’ to create the details and features? I remember using software years ago that allowed you to draw out a detailed shape and then extrude it into 3d, I’m guessing that Tinkercad is a bit more adding and subtracting based. Any hints would be greatly appreciated!


    1. Heya – yeah exactly that. You can also do some clever stuff by copying your shape, making it a ‘hole’, scaling it up, grouping with a solid then turning that to hole. You get a sort of anti-mould, great for skimming a surface after you’ve added detail. I’ll add a link to a great YouTube video later.


      1. Cool! Thanks for the info, it’s starting to make more sense now that I’ve kind of got my head around the basics(-ish). I’m having a go at a not 40k tank to add to my 3mm stuff, will put some progress on my much neglected blog hopefully soon. It’s quite addictive isn’t it!


      2. Yeah very – I’m actually just about to open a little shop for 15mm bits (you might notice the blog URL has moved). I’ve been making 1:1800 (ie “1mm”) ground forces – big bases with tiny platoons. I’ll show those off soon.


      3. Oooooo, very exciting! I’ve just had a nosey at the rather swish website and on the Instagrams, great looking stuff there. I dropped Instagram a while ago so I’ve missed out on quite a bit. Looking forward to seeing how the stock develops.


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