More 3D Fun

Evening all,

Lots going on at this end!

Having had fun playing with 3D and ordering a few bits I really got the bug, and decided to take the plunge and buy a 3D printer for myself. After a chunk of research I opted for any Anycubic Photon resin SLA printer – although resin is more expensive, and maybe not the best choice for terrain, it produces such nice quality prints.

So far, I’ve been working on a bit of a ‘haulage in space’ theme:


Here we have a flatbed and trailer version of a space lorry (still WIP painting) and the other bits printed so far. That stack of crates is one piece, designed to fit squarely on the flatbed.


(Most of the yucky texture here is actually from my amateurish salt weathering, not the print).

I’ve also made a personal speeder (in the lower left of main image), a space-shed (upper of the green blobs) and a smaller truck:



Which I hope will look a lot clearer when painted!

Lots of fun going on – I’ve designed a two part, massive haulage vehicle which is printing as we speak, and I’d like to design some 15mm scatter terrain too. I’m thinking of opening a small shop to sell the files, but I’ll need to get everything painted nicely first!

Right, back to it!

11 thoughts on “More 3D Fun

    1. Cheers – I’m really impressed with it. I don’t find the post a hassle at all – remove prints from plate, dunk in alcohol, rinse, clip supports them sand. I think anyone from a model/wargames background would barely blink at it.

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    1. Thanks very much. Yeah – though obviously lots of inspiration pinch from all over.

      The printer was a bit of a treat for me – I’m pretty spending averse! – but it’s been super worthwhile and in the long run I’d actually like to start printing, casting and selling vehicles and terrain, so it’s a bit of an investment.


      1. A well deserved treat!

        I noticed you had quite a bit of 15mm including Sci-Fi. Do you still play using 15mm figs for Sci-Fi Miniature Games or have you moved to different scales?

        I recently bought a heap of 15mm sci-fi figures to game with. I still use 28mm and have been looking at 6mm as well. Asking as a curious gamer 😉

        Happy Gaming,


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      2. I do indeed – it’s still my main scale, I just dabble a lot, and I’m a bit slack at blogging. All this 3D stuff will help, because I’m focusing on 15mm – I want to start my terrain collection form scratch, and 3D print it all myself.

        I love 15mm, especially the stuff Jon at GZG puts out – I mostly game small, RPG-ish encounters in 15mm. 6mm is the perfect ‘wargame’ scale for me, that’s the scale I do all of that type of gaming in.

        I still dabble in 28mm but painting so much 15mm has spoilt the scale a it more me, I just find them so massive!

        Have you started painting up your 15s yet? If not, the one bit of advice I’d give is to be a little more extreme than you might expect in your highlights and shades, it’ll help your minis pop… I certainly find they look much better on the table then.

        Welcome to the dark side!

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  1. Many thanks!

    I’m slowly learning to paint in 15mm. I did get some very nice minis from Critical Mass Games Kickstarter before they sold up and handed over to Ral Partha Europe. Also got some of the very nice White Dragon Miniatures Sci-Fi Infantry. Both companies make verynice figures.

    I have eyed off GZG figs for ages but missed the last sale. I also need to clear my lead pile (happy wife, happy life!).

    I’m looking forward to seeing more updates!




    1. Thanks! I’ve got ambition to open a little shop selling both .STL files and physical castings where possible. I’m confident these wagons could definitely be cast – pretty sure the maximum overhang is only about 3mm, which I think a latex mould could cope with. Watch this space I guess!


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