Hullo again, As promised, here’s an intro to my planned ‘Ork Warz’ project. I really like the 6mm Skinnerz range from Vanguard miniatures and really love Gorkamorka, so why not a 6mm Gorkamorka project? I don’t want to do 6mm Skirmish, so I’m expanding it to a larger scale conflict – imagine the world of […]

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15mm Rogue Trader

Well, as another round of LPL has finished I can proudly show these guys off – they served me well, just short of 70% of the vote which I’m chuffed with! I wanted to do a sort-of Rogue Trader group – with a healthy dose of pulp sci-fi. I’m pleased with the result – really […]

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Moongrunt and Space Huts

Evening all, Still haven’t done a huge amount of painting (some base edges for my finished most recent 6mm – images to come once I dig the lightbox out) but I have had some ideas. Firstly, a sci-fi village, ostensibly for my 15mm Crusties (though I have got an order from Black Hat coming in […]

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